Khalili expresses sympathy with affected people in Argo

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KABUL: The second vice president Mohammad Karim Khalili and head of national committee on natural disaster at the head of high-ranking delegation visited the landslide-hit area in Argo district of Badakhsan province yesterday and expressed sympathy with the affected people in Bareek Aab village in Argo district.
According to BNA, the second vice president is accompanied by ministers for defense, rural development, agriculture and livestock, economy, public health and the head of High Peace Council as well as some lawmakers from Badakhshan in visit to Argo. The second vice president visited the affected people and on behalf of the Presidential Palace expressed sympathy with the families of the victims and displaced people. Assuring the government support, Khalili said that in addition of providing food items and non-food items more assistance is on the way to the affected people, saying 20 million Afghanis in cash has been given to the provincial governor to assist with the affected people. He added for replacing those families who were still facing with danger, the governor should specify lands with suitable price in order that the families were taken to the area. During the visit, governor of Badakhshan asserted more than 300 families have been buried due to landslide and more than 255 people have been identified so far. Meanwhile, in a session held under the chairmanship of Mohammad Karim Khalili, he said anything needed related to aid to the affected people would be provided by the government and in case of further need, the government was ready for providing further assistance to the affected families. He also stressed that a water dam set up in Aab Barik village would be opened and government has taken necessary steps in this regard.
The second vice president while praising UN organizations for assistance and preparations to the affected people of the recent incidents asked all friendly countries and UN organizations to provide aid to the affected families.
Meanwhile, $ 40,000 assisted by HPC chairman, $ 150,000 and some foodstuffs by General Abdul Rashid Dustum, $ 20,000 assistance by governor of Balkh, one million afg assistance by NDS chairman and $ 2000 assisted by Badakhshan MP Fawzia Kofi.
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