Deputy FM meets his Bulgarian counterpart

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KABUL: Administrative Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, Atiqullah Atifmal met yesterday with Bulgarian Foreign Deputy Minister, the country’s ambassador to Kabul and the delegation accompanied members here in Kabul.
In the meeting, Atifmal praised Republic government of Bulgaria for cooperation and assistance towards counter international terrorism and regional extremism and the country’s active and humanitarian role in reconstruction of Afghanistan particularly training of ANSF, counter crime, natural disaster, granting higher education scholarships for Afghan students and training of Afghan diplomats in the country.
During the meeting, they discussed related to successfully holding Afghanistan’s presidential and provincial councils’ elections and hoped the second round of elections would be also held in friendly and secure environment.
Afterwards, both sides discussed related to political, economic and security issues of Afghanistan and region particularly pursuing the interests of cooperation protocol between foreign ministries of Afghanistan and Bulgaria in 2009, pursuing affairs of joint Afghan-Bulgaria commission related to economic, technical and academic cooperation in the years of 1960-1990, pursuing the interests of protocols signed in 2012 for counter crime, education of Afghan students and providing higher education facilities to Afghan students and granting higher education scholarships to Afghan students in BA and MA sections, holding diplomatic courses for employees of MoFA.
In the meeting, Bulgarian ambassador to Kabul in his speech said that the Bulgarian government was committed to cooperation and assistance to people and government of Afghanistan in various sectors as granting higher education scholarships, health, ANSF training and holding short-term and long-term diplomacy courses for Afghan diplomats.
It is said that currently, 416 military troops of Bulgaria are stationed under NATO command in Afghanistan.
The Kabul Times


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