Coalition, grouping, tribal, illegal govt dangerous for country’s future, Muslimyar

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KABUL: In a session of Mishrano Jirga held Sunday under the chairmanship of the jirga’s Chief Fazil Hadi Muslimyar, two international agreements endorsed and views presented related to Victory of Mujahideen and declaration of the elections primary results.
Meanwhile, senators also discussed related to possible run-off, saying previous processes of the elections have been done according to the law and coming processes should be also dealt based on the elections’ law. Senators in the session while stressing on keeping impartiality by both electoral commissions asked the electoral commissions for addressing presence complaints based on documents and specifying clean votes of people and reporting to the public for further transparency of the elections. It was also emphasized that both electoral commissions should take step against those electoral employees who didn’t work well during the elections process. It was also asserted in the session that necessary ballot papers for each area should be dispatched to polling stations, measures taken for right using of the papers and security of all polling stations should be maintained so that all people could participate in the run-off. While praising Afghan people and ANSF and all relevant organs for participation in the previous round of the elections, senators once again asked for making joint efforts and taking serious steps for prevention any violations in the second round of the elections. Meanwhile, a number of senators in the session considered recent statements of some representatives of candidates saying they would not accept results of the election as disregard to people’s votes and laws of the country. They said a number of particular groups were making efforts to avoid holding run-off and had set up a coalition, grouping, tribal and illegal government which would be dangerous for the future of Afghanistan, which would not be accepted by the people. The Kabul Times


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