Youths’ participation in development of our society increasing, Qanooni

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KABUL: First vice president, Mohammad Younus Qanooni during his meeting with a number of mediamen and reporters held last Wednesday, regarded very worthy the role of media of the country in giving awareness to the people and bringing change at the minds of public.
When he was speaking at the Hall of Conference of premiership with the incharges of media and reporters, first vice president asserted that their enlightening efforts taken place in the Afghan society with having numerous nationalities that is based on the freedoms supported by constitution of Afghanistan and law of media, indicates that share of youths in development and expansion of our society is increasing.
Qanooni added that no doubt, enlightening and reporting took place by you made people aware about the importance of election and they used their right of citizenship and with their presence in election, changed that day as the day of national festival.
Commemorating from sacrifices sustained the society of media of Afghanistan during recent few years in performing of their duty, first vice president said that the sorrowful event that as a result, Sardar Ahmad and his family members were martyred is a dreadful crime and a tragedy and it is necessary to supervise from the bereaved family of martyred Sardar Ahmad.
During this meeting, few journalists spoke in connection with the problems existed in their working fields and asked the attention of government in these fields. Maintenance of job security, access to information and other issues were set forth during meeting of these journalists with first vice president. Qanooni assured journalists that all issues discussed would be investigated. The Kabul Times


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