Qanooni meets Gen. Dunford

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KABUL: First Vice President, Mohammad Younus Qanooni in his meeting held the other day with NATO commander to Afghanistan General Josef Dunford praised Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) for their further abilities, considering it as the result of cooperation of the international community. In the meeting, the first vice president said that the ANSF had proved their abilities during the country’s presidential elections and as the process had been followed with joint efforts of international forces, he appreciated it.
The first vice president asserted he was sure that necessary coordination between the country’s security organs would increase in future towards consolidation of stability and security in the country and cooperation between Afghanistan and international community would continue.
He hoped cooperation of the international community in particular USA would continue for strengthening and equipment of ANSF based on Chicago conference as it was considered as key for security and stability of the world. In the meeting, General Dunford also expressed happiness related to showing capability and ability by ANSF during the presidential elections in the country and said he hoped they would be beside people and security forces of Afghanistan until the security forces reached to further capabilities. He said they would keep relations with leadership of Afghanistan’s security organs for getting the goal and strengthening it.
The Kabul Times


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