International Earth Day commemorated in Kabul

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KABUL: In a ceremony held yesterday on this occasion by national administrative for protection of environment of Ministry of Urban Development, Technical Deputy of the administrative Ghulam M. Malakyar spoke and said, “We are celebrating this day while natural resources are being badly devastated and ruined, so environment pollution has spread on the earth.”
He said celebration of the International day of earth meant to have clean earth and people of the world were taking steps towards cleaning of environment on this day.
Following, Deputy Minister of Information and Culture Nabi Farahi spoke and said, “There are agricultural products and tourist places in our country and should be introduced to the world.”
“Unfortunately construction of towers and residential houses have been preferred in Kabul city in place of setting up tourist and green sites, so our people are facing with lack of parks in the city,” Farahi said.
He asserted they should work together with earth-loving people for full consideration to cleaning of environment and setting up green and tourist sites in the country. In the ceremony, governor of Kabul Abdul Jabar Taqwa, Deputy Minister of Public Health Dr. Najia Tariq and advisor to Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development Najia Kharoti also spoke related to importance of consideration to earth and environment. The Kabul Times


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