Qanooni meets elders, exchanges views on problems

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KABUL: The first vice president Mohammad Younus Qanooni received a number of elders, parliamentarians, teachers, intellectuals and young officers separately yesterday.
According to BNA, in the meeting the vice president described the vast participation of the people in elections as increasing the hope for future and said, the high turnout can be remembered as national festival.
He also hoped that the bravery of the people in the provinces further encourages us to better serve the nation.
In his meeting with the governors of Nimroz, Uruzgan and Badghis the vice president emphasized on further serving the people by government officials.
He also stated that the people are in need of stability and launching construction projects than in any time and the government officials would pay more attention in this field.
Similarly the vice president in meeting with the governor of Saripul and elders of that province lauded the sacrifices of the people, adding the people of Saripul successfully participated in the third presidential elections.
A delegation of lawmakers, religious scholars and elders from Maidan Wardak province also called on the vice president and briefed him about their problems including insecurity there, saying since Wardak is located at a cross road and linking Kabul to several provinces its security must be ensured and the vice president promised to cooperate.
In his remarks, the vice president said that the people of Wardak are living at the gates of Kabul city and deserve any services. Qanooni also said that the parliament had heard the complaints of the Wardak residents and it is necessary to pay attention.
Speaking on behalf of families of martyrs and disabled of the defense ministry, brigadier Mohammad Nadir said that the problems of residential plots must be solved and the vice president instructed concerned authorities to look into the matter. The people’s council of the 11th precinct of Kabul city, elders of Ghorband district, students and teachers from some Kabul schools also called on vice president and briefed him on their problems and the vice president issued necessary instructions for the solution of their problems.
The Kabul Times


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