Education, Higher Education Ministers respond to senators’ questions

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KABUL: The ministers for education and higher education responded to the questions of senators at the house on Sunday.
Chaired by senate chairman Fazul Hadi Muslimyar, some members of Meshrano Jerga or Senate had asked the two ministers about the results of the university entry test and the modalities of those absorbed in the educational centers.
Expressing his concern, the head of commission on religion and culture Mavlawi Mahmoud Danishjo pointed out that many students in spite of obtaining high marks have either failed or absorbed by semi-higher education center while many others are facing the lack of dormitory.
Giving scholarships to students by political parties and construction of two universities in Paktia, building a mosque in Al-Bironi University were another issued put forward for questions.
Responding the questions, the minister for higher education Abidullah Obaid said his ministry had taken special measures for the transparency of the university entry test. In this regard he added that constitution of supportive commission, constitution of 300-member tester committee and renewing key for answers which ensured the fairness of the test and the marks had been given by machine in accordance with the international standard. He also noted that all the complaints would be collected by 5th Saur and be examined by 20th Saur. Dr. Obaid also said that out of 260,000 students attended the 1393 university entry test, 57,000 have been absorbed by higher education centers and 34,000 others to the private higher education centers with discount fee. Some 500 others have been enrolled free of charge while the remaining will get admission to semi-higher educational centers of the ministry for education. Similarly the minister for education Farooq Wardak while responding to the questions of senate said that eight years ago the target was to absorb some 8 million children to school but today the target has been achieved 150 percent as more than 11.5 million children 42 percent of them girls go to school in the country. More than 10,000 schools have been built since 1385 and another 2600 schools are under construction.
The senators in their debate also condemned the bomb attack in Benihisar of Kabul on Sunday which injured seven persons. Some senators denounced the execution of four Afghans by Iran on charge of involvement in drug trafficking, calling on government to close down the Iranian relieve agencies working in Afghanistan as these entities have been changed in spying centers. The Kabul Times


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