CM law committee discusses on draft regulations of population registration

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KABUL: Chaired by first vice president and head of this Committee, Mohammad younus Qanooni a session was held at Gulkhana palace yesterday.
According to BNA, the draft regulations of manner of establishment and registration of population, rent arrangement, travel allowance and topographical locations were the issues that was presented to the session of CM committee. At the outset, first vice president resolved the presented issues important and laid emphasize on further accuracy. Afterwards’ deputy justice minister, informed the session about working decision of former session and hinted to issues that caused the draft of regulation on knowhow of establishment and registration of population be arranged. After evaluation, the session confirmed the draft regulation and decision was made the ministry of justice to enshrine the viewpoints and amended proposals of the session at the said draft and amended content be offered to the council of ministers for legal processing. The aforementioned draft regulation after evaluation is submitted to a committee to be revised under the supervision of ministry of justice and representatives of ministries of finance, foreign affairs and local organs with membership of lawyer and minister adviser in judicial affairs and Nasrullah Stanekzai, head of consultative legal and judicial board of presidential office and then to be submitted to the coming meeting of law committee.
The Kabul Times


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