Senate approves law on judiciary organization, authorities

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The law on judiciary organization and authorities was approved with majority of votes by senate members after vast discussion. Senate speaker Fazel Hadi Muslemyar said”. Based on a decree of president on amendment and omission of some articles of law on judiciary organization and authorities which was discussed by legislative commission, this law was approved with majority of votes.
In the regular session of senate, different issue Including holding of election and emphasize on transparency of this process by IEC and ECC, import and trafficking of petroleum and liquid gas, turning over of agreement of cooperation between Afghanistan and Finland and the Royal State of Norway to commission of International Affairs and other issues were discussed and views were exchanged.
While Muslimyar was emphasizing on transparency of election process and vote counting, he asked the electoral bodies not to be overshadowed by anybody because the Afghan people have fixed the eyes upon them and they (IEC, ECC) have promised to separate clean, votes from unclean.
Nesar Hares a senator said we hope the people vote counting which were cast in boxes would be taking place with full honesty and transparency, so to prevent current concern of our people.
The senate commission of economic affairs submitted some issue on imports and trafficking of petroleum and liquid gas to senate session.
Chairman of law quality senate commission of Economic Afghan Eng Muhammad Deen Hamdard said the importers of liquid gas and petroleum should consider the people purchasing power and the ministry of commerce and industries should focus essential attention on creation of petroleum and liquid gas strategic stores, reduction of prices and fair distribution through liquid gas selling shops and remove the people problem. Another important issue that was discussed in Senate session, was handing over of US forces military equipments to Pakistan. Senate Speaker asked the US to refrain handing over of their equipment to Pakistan.
Muslimyar said” If the US hand over its military equipments to Pakistan, the Afghan people would not sit calm. Because the US has come to Afghanistan to help the war on terror and should make efforts for strengthening of system and security in Afghanistan. He emphasized that the senate would follow this issue seriously.
At the end of the session, Senators asked the MOIC to talk with officials of private TVs on their unislamic publication and the ministers of education and higher studies should be summoned in upcoming session to respond on commencement of schools and release of results of entrance examination. Soraya Raiszada


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