Locals drive militants out of 20 Laghman villages

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MEHTARLAM: Some twenty villages had been cleared of insurgents as hundreds of locals withstood against the Afghan and Pakistani Taliban and driven them out of the vast regions in eastern province of Laghaman province, the governor office said Thursday.
The anti-Taliban rebellion was staged and led by a local elder Hazrat Noor Pashaye who had equipped his local subordinates [fed up with Taliban torments] with primary devices to stand against the insurgents in Alingar and drive them out of the district, said the governor office in a statement.
The statement did not make clear if the villagers were equipped with machineguns or artilleries, but said they had received cooperation from the security forces.
The villages cleared of the insurgents in Alingar district, included Dara-e-Norlam, Parwaye, Paryana, Jabar Khil and Mandal, said the statement.
The residents who had staged the upraise against the insurgents and succeeded for their withdrawal told reporters they [the militants] were trying to create problem for the uplift projects execution and prevent children from schools in the district, the statement quoted.
The residents fed up with such miserable life ultimately, in coordination with the security forces have torrentially stormed the rebels and forced them out of many villages, said governor office in the statement.
The statement said the cleared villages are now secure and the people are living peacefully in their house.
The Kabul Times


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