Afghans proud of youth’s success, Dr. Raheen

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KABUL: Head of Kabul People Council, Dr. Sayeed Makhdoom Raheen in a ceremony held Wednesday for appreciation of youths and teachers of Qais Rabeen Learning Center said, “Success of the country’s each juvenile result in honor and happiness of all Afghans.”
Kabul People Council praised 1500 students of the center along with their teachers for getting high score in the entry test.
Amongst them, 870 students were able to get more than 300 score in the entry test and reached to their selected higher institutions, while the rest of the students got in other higher institutions.
In a ceremony held on this occasion, head of Kabul People Council congratulated the students’ success and added success of each Afghan juvenile would bring in honor and happiness to all Afghans because Afghanistan today needed the youths’ power.
“13 years ago and during the period of Taliban, the country’s youths were disappointed. Fortunately, current government of Afghanistan has succeeded in providing facilities to thousands of youths male and female to proudly graduate from the country’s high schools and get in higher institutions and is brightening as lantern in their families and society, so I’m congratulating this success to all of you,” Dr. Raheen said.
In the ceremony, head of secretariat for Kabul People’s Council also spoke and asserted that the council’s main aim was to provide learning and education facilities to youths. Congratulating the students’ success, the center’s director Dr. Qais Rabeen Qarzi added, “We and you are the best and will be the best and it will add to your honor if you are the best at universities.” Meanwhile, Dr. Qais granted the center’s appreciation certificate to Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen and Dr. Raheen granted Kabul People Council’s appreciation letters to the center’s students and teachers. The Kabul Times


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