Afghanistan needs long-term international community support : Qanooni

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KABUL: The first vice president Mohammad Younus Qanooni met the new civilian envoy of NATO to Afghanistan, Moritus Yukhemz and exchanged views on the situation in Afghanistan and the region.
Qanooni in the meeting, according to BNA lauded the role of the international forces as significant in the war on terror and the reconstruction process of Afghanistan and said, “For us the role and the presence of international community in Afghanistan is worthy as you the international community have tremendously contributed to Afghanistan.”
“Without the support of international community and the sacrifices of international troops the people of Afghanistan might have not achieved the progress as they have today,” Qanooni said, adding the sacrifices of the lives of the soldiers and officers of the international community has strengthen democracy in Afghanistan and Afghans are thankful to them.
With regard to the current situation the terrorist threats posing against the people and government of Afghanistan, Qanooni stated, “Afghanistan in need of presence and support of the international community at the moment and in future.”
Qanooni also went on to say that the Afghans are hopeful that the next government to come out of the result of a transparent election process.
In his remarks at the meeting, NATO’s civilian envoy to Afghanistan said that the next process of the elections would move ahead smoothly.
In addition to assuring continued support of the international community, NATO envoy said, “I am hopeful to see the continued development and progress of the people of Afghanistan after the formation of next government.
The first vice-president also received presidential advisor on governance and head of Islah and Adalat (Improvement and Justice) party Mohamamd Alam Sayi along with some lawmakers in his office the other day.
In his address the vice president praised the vast participation of the people in April 5 elections, saying the government coming out due to the result of the elections enjoys more legitimacy.
Speaking at the meeting on behalf of others, Sahi hoped that the people by standing alongside the next government could take necessary steps for achieving viable peace in the country.
The Kabul Times


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