Cultural, education committee for ministerial council holds session

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KABUL: Ministerial council’s cultural and education committee in its yesterday session held under the chairmanship of first vice president and head of the committee Mohammad Younus Qanooni discussed and reviewed suggested drafts provided by relevant organs.
At the outset, first vice president in his speech said as the ministerial council’s cultural and education committee was responsible for key tasks, it was necessary that prioritized issues should be addressed.
Following, related to discussing on draft of national policy of labor, Minister of Information and Culture Dr. Sayeed Makhdoom Raheen suggested that it was good that review on the draft would be postponed in the committee’s next session, which was endorsed by the session.
The session reviewed and discussed policy and measures’ draft of Ministry for Refugees and Repatriates related to possible return of Afghan refugees from Iran and Pakistan.
The session basely approved the draft and decided that Ministry of Refugees and Repatriates should reach to agreement with Ministry of Finance for the draft’s financial issues.
Both organs were also tasked to review issue of donors’ commitments particularly funding the draft’s programs and the draft should be submitted to ministerial council for legal process after assurance of the donors’ commitments.
The session also reviewed draft strategy for setting up the incomes in MoPH sector delivered by Deputy Minister of Public Health to the session.
After overall reviews, the draft was considered as useful in delivering better health services to the people of Afghanistan and decided that MoPH and MoF should review on funding financially the draft and deliver the final draft to the next session of the committee. In the session, evacuation issue of properties of teachers’ town in six provinces by Ministry of Defense reviewed in previous sessions of the committee was discussed once again and it was determined that Ministries of Education and National Defense should hold final session according to verdicts of government’s law issues under the consideration of Ministry of Justice and provide their joint suggestion related to the issue and submit the draft once again to the committee’s session. The Kabul Times


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