Board on reviewing the cases of Bagram prisoners presents report to President

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KABUL: The Board on reviewing the cases of detainees in Bagram detention center and the Military Police presented its report on detainees to the president on Tuesday.
Commander of Military police and head of Bagram detention center, General Ghulam Farooq said in the report that from 20th Hoot, 1390 until 25th Hamal 1393 a total of 5051 persons who had been detained by foreign forces have been handed over to Afghanistan by the United States of America.
He also added that 4159 detainees out of 5021 have been set free by the court of the committee on reviewing the cases of detainees from Bagram detention center.
General Farooq also added that the cases of 336 countrymen who are still held in Bagram jail have yet to be handed over to Afghanistan. Expressing dissatisfaction over the lack of cooperation of American side it was said that the advisor on national security to take the issue with the American forces to submit the cases of the detainees to the attorney general of Afghanistan. President Hamid Karzai lauded the efforts of the board and the head of Bagram detention center with regard to disposing the cases of the prisoners. The Kabul Times


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