MoI calls media works as conscientious in holding elections

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KABUL: Minister of Interior has considered holding successful elections in the country as result of coordinated work between government institutions, media and people.
Speaking in an open session held yesterday with participation of journalists and media workers, Minister of Interior Mohammad Omar Daudzai praised media for their professional and responsible work during the elections.
“At any extent that security organs have made efforts in maintaining security during the elections, in that extent media could have given moral to people and encouraged them to demonstrate their will and cast votes in the elections by working professionally and boycott Taliban related reports,” Daudzai said.
Minister of Interior also praised presidential candidates for their cooperation with security forces.
He assured that police would be remained good supportive and cooperative with media at any situations. In a clear message, Daudzai told foreign terrorist groups, “Afghanistan is a fact and they should accept this fact and try not to prevent Afghanistan from demonstrating their national will.”
Minister of Interior praised media by granting appreciation certificates to media and a number of journalists.
The Kabul Times


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