Bi- Sakhi of Afghan Hindos, Sikhs observed

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KABUL: The traditional Bi-Sakhi of Hindos and sikhs of Afghanistan was marked in Kabul yesterday.
In a festival to mark the day was held in Daramsal of Kartai Parwan, Kabul governor Abdul Jabbar Taqwa said, “The followers of different religions have been living like brothers in Afghanistan. The people of Afghanistan throughout the history have been living in brotherhood with Hindos and Sikhs and have shared each others’ sadness and happiness.”
Governor Taqwa also promised to solve the problems of Hindos and Sikhs if they are facing.
Advisor to the ministry for information and culture Jalal Noorani in his address at the festival said, “Dr. Sayeed Makhdoom Raheen the minister for information and culture has assigned me to say congratulation to sisters and brothers of Hindus and Siks living in Afghanistan.”  He also said that Dr. Raheen hoped that Afghan Hindos and Sikhs like other countrymen have their role in developing Afghanistan and living in prosperity.  Noorani also said that over the past 200 years the Hindos and Sikhs have their own active role in development of the country and were involved in trade and business.
Senator Anar Kali Hunaryar in her speech besides counting the problems of Hindos and Sikhs said that like others the Hindos and Sikhs had participated in elections and voted for their favorite candidates. The Kabul Times


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