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Air pollution reduced in Kabul: mayor

Officials of Afghanistan National Disaster Management authority have said that in each cubic meter 680 particles exist which seriously threatening human health and cause outbreak of several types of fatal diseases.

Kabul Mayor Mohammad Younsas Nawandesh on Sunday reported that the number of harmful particles in Kabul air have noticeably declined in recent months due to some important and comprehensive steps undertaken by the concerned organs including establishment and renovation of roads, construction of footpaths and roadside ditches.

While responding to the queries of senators on Sunday, Nawandesh said that findings of Afghanistan Environmental Protection Organization reveals that the existence of harmful virus and particles have noticeable reduced in capital city Kabul.

“Three years before, in each cubic meter, the number of particles into the air were around 300 particles and now it has declined to 152 particles and the main reasons are asphalting of the roads, establishment of footpaths and plantation,” Kabul Mayor Younas Nawandesh said. “Kabul municipality intends to establish more roads this year.”

This comes at a time that in the past survey have shown that the environmental issues in Kabul were concerning to human health and several case disease caused by air pollution have posed harms to public health.

Alongside other issues, water level in Kabul has also deepened because of the growing population in the city and lack of standard canalization and sewerage system. 

In the meantime, a number of the citizens have expressed apprehensions that the environmental pollution in the capital city could cause several diseases in the future and the responsible organs in some way associated to the issue must undertake comprehensive measures to overcome on the issue.

“Kabul environment has been overwhelmingly polluted, underground waters in the city has in danger of pollution due to substandard canalization system, the Kabul municipality must stop illegal digging of septic wells,” Kabul resident Zaman said.

In addtion, the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has warned that if the current scale of air pollution not reduced, it would have damaging and fatal consequence on human health in the city and it will lead to outbreak of several types of diseases particularly among the children and elderly people.

The environmental pollution has been one the major issues in Afghanistan particularly in the congested city of Kabul the capital city of the country.

Officials of Afghanistan National Disaster Management authority have said that in each cubic meter 680 particles exist which seriously threatening human health and cause outbreak of several types of fatal diseases.

Kabul city is recognized as one of the polluted capitals in the world. Accordion to a rough statistics, nearly five million people live in the city which is beyond its capacity.

There is no standard canalization and sewerage system in the city and enough power wasn’t available to boost urban development programs. Huge among of garbage and wastages exist around the city corners and it strongly pollutes the surroundings.

Alongside the upper issues, the imports of low quality fuel materials have also been the main reason behind the issue.

 Thousands of transportation vehicles and other heavy loaded Lorries commute around the city on the daily basis and it further increase air pollution and carob gases into the air which massively impacts human health while breathing.

 Scientific research shows that breathing in such an environment causes cancer, lungs and heart disease. However, the responsible authorities persistently said that effective measures would be undertaken to curb the pollution, but practical steps yet to be taken in this respect.

To overcome on the issue of environmental pollution, alongside the government of Afghanistan and responsible organs, each Afghan citizen is obliged to contribute in the cleanliness of the city and promote city life culture.

 The people must act like a civilized citizen and teach the cleanliness to the children and students and take part in the plantation and greenery of the city.


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