NSC calls on coalition forces to clear mines from contaminated areas

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KABUL: The National Security Council (NSC) with President Hamid Karzai on the chair held meeting at the Presidential Palace on Sunday. At the meeting attended among others by minister of interior, chief of army staff and acting chief of National Directorate for Security (NDS) the presence of mines and explosive ordnances left over at the bases and airports used by the coalition forces previously was discussed and it was decided that the advisor on national security should convey the concerns of the government of Afghanistan with ISAF officials to take necessary steps for cleaning the areas from explosive devices in coordination with the national security forces in its earliest. Briefing the meeting on the security situation, the security officials assured that the security forces are capable enough in foiling possible attacks by the enemies.
Advisor on the national security in his address briefed the participants on the drafted document for cooperation between Afghanistan and Iran and after debate on the subject it was decided that the foreign ministry has to take the issue with the Islamic republic of Iran.
At the end of the meeting technical deputy of the Topography directorate called for renewing the demarcation marks along the border with Iran. The meeting decided that the issue should be presented in the presence of the minister for finance in the next meeting of NSC. The Kabul Times


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