MoHE announces University entry-exams results

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KABUL: The minister for higher education Dr. Obidullah Obid announced the result of University entry tests on Tuesday.
Flanked by officials from the higher education ministry and universities and some lawmakers, Dr. Obaid said at a press conference that out of 261109 students registered for the university entry tests 228908 attended the tests and of these 55,000 had passed for the higher education institutes and 55,000 others for the semi-higher education centers.
He also added that 476 more students who obtained high marks had been introduced to the private universities free of charges; while 29,424 others have found their ways to the private universities and institutes with fee discounts.
In the last year university entry test, the minister for higher education said that anyone obtained less than 176 marks had been regarded as failed one and there was no one without result. Around 91,000 participants had failed to pass the examinations, he added.
A girl named Shohra of Balkh province had obtained 352.069 marks which was the highest marks last year and got admission to the medical faculty of Kabul University, the minister further said.
It is expected that thousands more students who attended 1392-1393 university entry tests will be referred to evening universities, private universities and scholarships. Last year also 18,000 students had been introduced to the evening faculties, 3,000 to different faculties of universities and some 2,000 others to scholarships.
The Kabul Times


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