Elections’ final results to come out on May 14: IEC

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KABUL: The final results of Presidential Elections would be announced on Saur 24 or (May 14), spokesman for Independent Elections Commission (IEC) Noor Mohammad Noor said Tuesday.
Addressing a press conference here in Kabul, Noor said that the preliminary results of the elections would come out on Saur 4 or (24th April) and the final result will be declared on May 24.
He also said that a series of documents obtained by IEC reveal the involvement of some government officials in support or against some presidential hopefuls.
He also added that the cases have been shared with the president, saying those officials violating the law should be prosecuted in accordance with the presidential decree.
He made the remarks while the ballot boxes from districts of 31 provinces have been shifted to the provincial capitals.
Noor also said that the statistics announced by IEC are credible, calling upon media outlets to avoid releasing statistics on election results that confuse public opinion.
Nevertheless, Noor categorically stated that IEC would take serious any violation and forgery in the elections.
The Kabul Times


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