ANP proves impartiality on E-Day

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KABUL: Afghan National Police (ANP) proved on elections day that they were impartial and would be so in future.
The statement was made yesterday by a spokesman of Ministry of Interior Sediq Sediqi. He said, “Ministry of Interior had made particular mechanisms for maintaining security and keeping impartiality of police towards holding elections so that fraudulence could be prevented during the elections day in polling stations and transition of electoral stuffs to center, adding one of the mechanisms was the order issued by the ministry to all ANP personnel in the country and stuck on doors and walls of polling centers by putting particular telephone numbers of the ministry and Electoral Complaints Commission and the participant could contact the numbers in case of seeing an ANP interference or other individuals”
Sediqi further said if anyone had any complaints on hand in connection with interference of ANP in the elections, the complainers could provide them through ECC and Ministry of Interior would urgently and legally address the complaints. Sediqi added a number of deputy ministers and directors of interior have travelled to various zones of the country to review electoral complaints and possible interference of ANP in the elections, saying if there were any complaints in this regard, they would be addressed after overall assessment and analysis. The Kabul Times


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