Afghans demonstrate commitment on democratic future, Canadian embassy

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KABUL: Canada’s Ambassador to Afghanistan Deborah Lyons on Monday congratulated the Afghan people for successfully holding the election process and called them a committed nation for a democratic future.
“Canada congratulates the Afghan people for courageously taking to the polls, in high numbers, exercising their right to vote during the Presidential and Provincial Council elections”, a statement from the embassy said. “We welcome the unprecedented number of Afghan women who ensured that their voices were heard, and support their desire for a brighter and stable future.”
The statement quoted the ambassador as saying, “The Afghan people have demonstrated their commitment to a democratic future. In turn, the new government must demonstrate their commitment to a democratic Afghanistan where the voices of all Afghans, especially women, are heard.”
The candidates’ commitment to the advancement of Afghanistan’s democracy and to serving the Afghan people is to be commended, the statement said.
Canada recognizes the work of the Ministry of Interior and the Afghan National Security Forces in carrying out effective security during this election. Canada continues to support the full transition of Afghanistan taking over the country’s security responsibilities—essential to Afghanistan’s future peace and stability.
Canada supports the efforts of the Independent Election Commission and the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) in ensuring the credibility of this election.
“We encourage Afghans to refer all complaints to the IECC for a thorough investigation and adjudication, including allegations of irregularities. Canada looks to the Independent Election Commission to fully cooperate and support the IECC’s work.
“Canada also encourages candidates, their party agents, and supporters, to continue to cooperate with the Independent Election Commission, the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission and other stakeholders to ensure that Afghanistan’s electoral process is completed successfully.
“As Afghans await the final results, Canada calls on all parties to continue to respect the electoral process and to uphold the principles of non-violence that have been an overwhelming feature of the campaign period and today’s election day.”
The Kabul Times


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