Afghanistan’s successful election spoken worldwide

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KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai met with Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs Karl Belidit discussing holding Afghan presidential and provincial councils’ elections and bilateral matter of interests on Monday.
The Swedish foreign minister congratulated successfully holding of the presidential and provincial elections to the president and the people of Afghanistan and added the successful process was spoken worldwide.
Calling the last several years’ achievements to significant, the minister said the successfully held election demonstrates “your wise leadership over the past years.”
President Karzai said Afghans, through their wide-ranging participation demonstrated their firm decision through using their franchise can determine their country’s future.
The president said the Afghans wanted to further strengthen national unity and protect the country’s last decade’s achievements.
Swedish minister of foreign welcomed the opening of the Afghan embassy in Stockholm, the Swedish capital and said the move could provide ease in bilateral issues.
He assured for his country’s continued support and lasting cooperation with Afghanistan.
President Karzai also thanked the Swedish cooperation over the last one decade and asked for continuation the aids in the future.
The Kabul Times


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