Afghan-Sweden FMs laid emphasize on expansion of cooperation

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KABUL: The foreign minister of Sweden says that the military and economic cooperation of that country would also continue to Afghanistan in the future. According to BNA, Karl Bellet, the foreign minister of Sweden has come to Kabul in an official tour and during official meeting with foreign minister of Afghanistan, Zarar Ahmad Osmani he discussed about the cooperations and bilateral ties between Afghanistan and Sweden. Both ministers of foreign affairs attended in a joint press conference. Foreign minister of Afghanistan, Zarar Ahmad Osmani said that Sweden was from among friendly countries and good colleague for Afghanistan during recent twelve years that in this period, annually that country contributed to Afghanistan $100 million for its development and rehabilitation Osamni added that for expansion of ties with Sweden, Afghanistan makes effort and for this purpose, previously, the embassy of Afghanistan was opened in Sweden and commenced its work. In connection with signing BSA with the US, in respond to a question he said that Afghanistan is willing to sign this agreement without any delay in a time that the condition of Afghanistan be accepted by the US. He added that we hope this document be signed before transition of political power, with acceptance of conditions of Afghanistan. Foreign minister of Sweden at this press conference said that like previous years, in our friendly ties with Afghanistan, we are committing to cooperation and assistance and our cooperation would take place in military, economic and health sectors. The Swedish foreign minister said that Sweden would be more active in training and equipment of Afghan police. The Kabul Times


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