Successful poll, real exercise of democracy in Afghanistan: NSC

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KABUL: Chaired by President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, the National Security Council (NSC) meeting on Sunday congratulated successfully holding of the presidential and provincial council election to the Afghan nation and called it a historical event and real exercise of democracy in the country.
The president praised all adopted security plans and the 2014 elections organizing responsibility as a significant achievement for the country.
President Karzai also lauded the courage and active participation of the people in the process and the positive role of media in this respect.
The National Security Council (NSC) then resolved to commend the personnel of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) with financial aids and all segments of the national army, police and NDS personnel with medals and appreciate letters.
The ministers of defense and interior and NDS acting chief continued to provide reports about yesterday’s poll security to the meeting, with the defense minister detailing that the casualties of the security forces were highly low, while the enemy suffered heavy life loss during the Election Day.
The minister of interior also called successful holding of the elections the unprecedented results of joint defensive and security efforts and full cooperation of civilians.
He said the security forces could duly foil all possible attacks plotted by the enemies to derail the election process in different parts of the country.
According to him, some regions in eastern Kunar province had been targeted by many mortar shells from beyond the Durand Line, but failed to prevent the people from going to the ballot boxes.
The NDS acting chief also briefed on the security of the election tightened through joint cooperation and coordination between the security forces and the people during the voting process, with the NDS personnel could arrest 79 malicious individuals, 20 of them equipped with suicide vests and explosive devices.
The NSC tasked the national defensive and security forces of the country to well protect the ballot boxes and ballot-papers and to conclude with, the minister of foreign was obliged to complete and finalize discussions on the document of wide-ranging cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran and present at the next NSC session. The Kabul Times


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