Qanooni calls Saturday’s elections historical event

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KABUL: First Vice-President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Younus Qanooni in his meeting with many high ranking officials and elders from some provinces discussed key issues related the country’s ongoing situations, Bakhtar News Agency reported Sunday.
The vice-president congratulated the Hamal 16th (April 5) presidential and provincial elections to the Afghan nation and called it a great event in the country’s history.
Qanooni lauded the people’s full participation in the poll as their firm decision to prove their success against terror and show their courage, devotion, solidarity and unity, according to the agency.
Praising the country’s security forces, the vice-president said the national security forces could prove their capability of defending their country’s high interests under any conditions.
He said participation of the Afghans including women and girls in the election were eye-catching—a decision demonstrating their prominent and active role in the social and national decisions.
The vice-president also lauded the media outlets for inclusively coverage of the elections and said they could reflect live the historical event and encouraged the people towards the constructive process.
The people with their votes wanted to establish a government with wide-ranging pillars under the mirror of which, they would be able to see themselves among all tribes and groups and could help security and stability ensured in Afghanistan.
The vice president’s meeting had taken place with some presidential advisors, elders of Butakhak district of Kabul, a number of officials from the affairs administration and the council of ministers’ secretariat, some members of craftsmen’s national union, deputy public health ministry and some doctors.
He also received Sayed Hussain Anwari, member of national council and a number of his accompanying elders, some influential from 2nd district of Panjshir province, Abdul Hakim Mujahid member of high peace council, religious scholars, a number of youth from Saighan district, elders and influential 5th Kabul district, leadership of Meshrano Jerga secretariat and some other cultural activists [Afghanistan-34].
The Kabul Times


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