MoIC Deputy meets Iranian counsellor

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KABUL: Deputy min
ister of information
and culture for publication Semeen Hassanzada met with counselor of Iran Islamic Republic last Wednesday BNA.
In this meeting discussion took place on the results and effect of Nawroz festival with the presence of presidents of four countries and other senior authorities of Nawroz region, touching moderation and convergence and the media were asked to notice the issues emphasized by presidents.
Appreciating the organizing of learning courses for Afghan reporters and photographers of media by Iranian counselor asked their continuation. Calling successful the past learning courses, Dr. jehanshahi Iranian counselor expressed his readiness for launching of new rounds. Emphasizing on the memorandum of cooperation between Afghan and Iranian publishers and vast presence of Afghan publishers in international Iran book fair which will be organized in April in Teheran, Semeen Hassanzada expressed hope that the Afghan book fair could gain the first position. Dr. Jehanshahi also talked on holding of university book fair which will be held soon in Kabul.
The Kabul Times


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