Change the election to national festival, collective Partnership, President Karzai

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KABUL: In a message, president Hamid Karzai called vast partnership of people in election as the biggest guarantor of continuation of the system of Afghanistan Islam Republic, reports BNA.

In this message of president Hamid Karzai which was issued on the presidential provincial councils’ election, it has been said that vast participation of people in the election is the biggest guarantor of continuation of the system of Afghanistan Islamic republic and a strong response to those who imagine that can disturb the determination of our people with violence and destruction.
This message of president frankly explains that in the last twelve years our people witnessed remarkable achievements in economic, health, agriculture, communication and technology, power energy, road construction, freedom of opinion and media and other fields and all these achievements set up their life and led it towards prosperity and luckiness.
A system which has a comprehensive constitution and its pillars have been strengthened by people and all nationalis ties of the country have found their place in it. And most important of all that paved the way for presidential and provincial councils’ elections.
In this message, the president said, the candidates showed in their campaigns that the lofty interests of the country, national unity, our independence and constitution are the highest values. Here I want to sincerely thank all of them.
Hamid Karzai said, powerful presence of people in election campaigns indicates that the future of our country would be much more better than today. Afghanistan is heading forward, a bright future with firm and irreversible steps.
The Kabul Times


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