Visit of deputy MoIC from the only survival souvenir of Martyred Sardar Ahmad

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KABUL: Deputy minister of Information and Culture for publication Semeen Hassan Zada visited Abuzar the only survival son from the family of martyred Sardar Ahmad in the Emergency hospital yesterday, reports BNA adding that while BNA General Director Khalil Minavi and deputy chief of publication department Sayed Mahmoodrad were accompanying her, MoIC Deputy Minister asked Abuzar’s relatives about his health condition and caressed him with gifting of an electrical motorbike.
While appreciating the relevant doctors and the hospital’s employees for their day and night care and continued efforts for treatment of Abuzar, Semeen Hassanzadah once again cursed those who martyred Abuzar’s parents and siblings and injured this innocent baby.
Abuzar who is under three years old, sat on the electric motorbike which was gifted by Semeen Hassanzadah with a childish smile and started to ride it. Abuzar’s relatives expressed gratitude to deputy minister of MoIC.
During talking with relatives of this only survival child of Sardar Ahmad, Semeen Hassanzadah said.
Reporters are those soldiers whose weapons are think and pen and no force can prevent continuation of their serious responsibility of providing information.
The small Abuzar will be growing and one day he will be following his late father’s think and path, will serve his country’s people and will become the Abuzar of his time.
According to Abuzar doctors, this young son of Sardar Ahmad who was seriously injured by terrorists on Kabul Serena Hotel on the eve of new year will be released from the hospital in two days after full recovery.
Deputy minister of information and culture and her entourage delegation also visited other children hospital and in Emergency hospital bed caressed them.
The Kabul Times


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