House asks people to attend vastly in elections

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KABUL: laying emphasize on vast participation of people in elections, the house of people asked the runners of presidential elections to seriously consider the national high interests of the country during their electoral campaigns and after proclamation of the result of elections. BNA reports.
In a session held yesterday under the chairmanship of second secretary of the house, Dr. Mohammad Saleh Saljuqi, the members were present at the session criticized seriously from non presence of some MPs in general meetings and commissions and laid emphasize that with focusing attention to the sensitive situation of the country and working necessities of the house of people, the people’s representatives should refrain from absence at the sessions.
The MPs evaluated unjustified the absence of deputies and asked from administrative body that according to the principles of internal duties, the measures be taken in hand so to prevent from continuation of such absences.
The present members stated that participation of deputies in campaigns doesn’t reasoned for their absence and should have active presence for investigation of law-making and supervisory issues.
Focusing attention towards increment of security threats in the threshold of holding of presidential and provincial councils’ elections, to laud from miseries and sacrifices accepted by security forces of the country, asked the incharges to make serious effort for maintenance security in the country.
At the same time, the MPs expressed their optimism over interest of people of Afghanistan in attending the election process and stated that the presence of tens of thousands people in campaigning ceremonies and the interest of youth for taking voting cards is indicator of the fact that for determination of their political destiny, the people have no fear from the threats. Taliban and the enemies of the people of Afghanistan should know that with resorting to terrorist acts, they don’t exert any disorder to determination of people. The members of parliament asked people of Afghanistan to have vast presence in voting centers in Hamal 16th of current year and elect the future president and their representatives for provincial councils. The Kabul Times


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