New banknotes’ offer to prevent counterfeit notes from proliferation

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The authorities of Central Bank (CB) say that to prevent from concoction of banknote of Afs 1000 in the country, the new banknotes with security minting are minted and offered to the market. The Governor of Central Bank, Noorullah Delawary said in connection with minting of new banknotes that to prevent from forgery in banknotes, the new ones are offered to the market.

Six indexes are registered to prevent from concoction. 

According to Delawary, change in silver tape, in the logoes of central bank of Afghanistan, the letters written on the surface of banknotes and exchange in sign are the main indexes.

Governor of central bank added that only two companies are able to produce the tapes that minted the bank notes. This itself increases the security mint of this banknote.

The authorities of the bank added that the total cost of new banknotes estimated to Afs, billions and are minted in United Kingdom. Delawary added that minting of any banknote has five cent expenditure. Now totally, 180 billion and 303 million Afs are circulating in markets of the country, said Delawary.

As of 1381 solar year to date, because of fatigue worth Afs,25 billion are exited from circulation.

During recent years, offering of concocted banknotes in Afghan market always was serious concern among the people of Afghanistan. The people that according to data, about 40 percent of these people live under poverty line.

The Governor of Central Bank didn’t detailed about the minting and the way of forged banknotes import to Afghanistan, but said that farther accuracy is used in minting of banknotes. This proves that the banknotes are minted in equipped printing houses.

 At the same time, a number of eyewitnesses in economic affairs believe that the existence of forgery banknotes are always one of the concerns faced by the people.

Despite this to prevent from offering such banknotes, government offered new banknotes to the market, but it is said that most of concocted banknotes are entered into Afghanistan from abroad. A member of academy of science of Afghanistan and one of the witnesses in economic affairs, Shir Ali Tazri believes that in recent years, offering forged banknotes to the market has been increased. Because, opening of borders is one the reasons behind entrance of concocted banknotes to Afghanistan. In my opinion, if the security institutions to work seriously in controlling of borders and don’t permit any one to transfer such banknotes to the country, this problem would remove. Added Tazri.  He mentioned that forgery not only take place in Afghan currency but it taken place in foreign currencies such as US dollar, Pakistani Kaldar and other currencies. The only way to prevent from forgery of banknotes is minting and offering of currency with high quality to the market.

At the same time, a number of countrymen say that even when they receive currency form private banks, the forgery is also seen in it. They believe the central bank and security institutions are responsible to recognize concocted banknotes and introduce through media the culprits to the  people so to be a warning to those who forged banknotes.

One of government employees, Tariq says that few days back, I received my salary from one of the city’s banks that among it, two Afs,500 were forged ones when I referred to bank again, they told me that the banknotes are not concocted. I hope the central bank to supervise the activities of private ones for good.

This is in a time that as of the rule of president Daud till the sovereignty of Taliban, the Afghan banknotes were minted in one of Russian companies. But, after the collapse of Taliban regime, first, in a German company and then an agreement was inked with a British company to mint Afghan banknotes. Reporters’ Desk                 


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