John Kerry phones president Karzai

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KABUL: On March 21 President Hamid Karzai during telephone conversation with US Secretary of State said that the Taliban want to hold talks with the High Peace Council, but there are obstacles on the way to develop peace process which requires Pakistan’s cooperation. John Kerry has assured he would take the issue with the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The US Secretary of State in telephone conversation yesterday briefed president Karzai about his recent talks with Pakistani Premier in regard with peace process in Afghanistan. About the lack of progress of the peace process, president said to the US Secretary of State that allied countries of the US in the region have intentionally created obstacles on the way to Afghanistan peace process. The president also stated that foreign intelligence agencies are behind the recent complex terrorist attacks in Kabul. With regard to the increasing terrorist attacks and creating obstacles on the way to peace, the president said that the people of Afghanistan are doubtful that US is either no effective over countries who support terrorism or the opponents of peace process of Afghanistan in the region or before them, they have no determination to exert influence. President Karzai said that the people of Afghanistan want explanation from the US in this regard. President also noted that conducting terrorist attacks would never undermine the determination of Afghans with regard to having a stable future and nor continuation of such terror attacks serve the strategic relations between Afghanistan and the United States of America. The Kabul Times


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