NDS submits historic relic to MoIC

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KABUL: A Buddhisatva statue was yesterday submitted by a representative of National Directorate of Security (NDS) to Deputy of Cultural Affairs for Ministry of Information and Culture Sayed Mosadiq Khalili. While receiving the statue, Deputy of Cultural Affairs for MoIC Mosadiq Khalili said, “According to preliminary researches of archeology committee, this piece of statue probably belonged to 11-13 century, adding Indian art and Ghandara art were used in these samples of statues.” Khalili further said the archeology committee would do further researches for clarifying the characteristics of the statues. He praised NDS for cooperation with MoIC in prevention of illegal diggings and trafficking of historic monuments and for submission of hundreds of historic monuments to the ministry.
Meanwhile, NDS representative Mohammad Qais Qayoumi said the historic piece of statues had been seized along with two traffickers by security personnel in outskirts of Kabul. He said investigation was under way. The statue was submitted by NDS representative Hamidullah Jawzjani to Deputy Minister of Cultural Affairs Sayed Musadiq Khalili while head of archeology Abdul Qadir Timori was present.
Deputy Minister of Cultural Affairs submitted the statue to head of national museum Omara Khan Masoudi for keeping in the museum. The Kabul Times


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