First Holy Quran’s manuscript, Afghanistan’s first cultural achievement

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KABUL: Manger for the Holy Quran’s handwriting of Baihaqi Publications Department, Mohammad Hassan Bakhtyari in his meeting with Deputy Information and Culture Minister on Publication Affairs, Simeen Hassanzada on Tuesday provided her with details about the country’s first ever handwritten Holy Quran manuscript.
Bakhtyari who’s talent and creativity as the Holy Quran’s calligrapher, was praised by the deputy minister said he had used three types of inks to handwrite the Holy Quran taking three months to complete the 604 pages.
He added that the handwriting work of the holy Quran had been completed and sent to the ministry of Hajj and Islamic affairs for review and correction.
Deputy information and culture for publication affairs, Simeen Hassnzada lauded the efforts of the office for handwriting the Holy Quran and said this is the first time in the country that the Holy Quran is being handwritten.
She describe it a valuable measure and a significant achievement in the country’s cultural system and emphasized that the service providers and calligraphers should be encouraged and appreciated.
This is to be mentioned the Holy Quran had been previously translated into Pashto, alongside its being handwritten and translated into Dari language, as Mohammad Hassan Bakhtayri said work on translation of the holy Quran into Uzbek language would also be started soon.
According to Deputy Minister, Simeen Hassanzada, the handwritten Holy Quran would be shown at a special ceremony after it was corrected and approved by the Ministry of Hajj and Islamic Affairs. The Kabul Times


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