Meshrano Jerga concerned by US weaponry handover to Pakistan

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KABUL: Meshrano Jerga, the Upper House of the country’s parliament has expressed concern over a US decision to hand over its military equipments to Pakistan after taking out from Afghanistan.
The Washington Post has reported that the US is considering handing over its military equipments worth 7 million US dollars to Pakistan free of charge after Afghanistan’s pullout.
In a statement released Tuesday, the Upper House or Senate described the decision a breach of agreement in war on terror, adding if the US is honest to its promises in the war on terror and drug trafficking should avoid giving weapons to a country which supports terrorism and is involved in shedding bloods of the Afghans, Americans and other nations.
“If the United States of America has problems with the leadership of the government of Afghanistan it should not punish the people of Afghanistan,” the statement added. Besides flaying the passive policy of the government especially the foreign ministry, Meshrano Jerga in the statement emphasized for holding talks with US and other NATO member states on submitting the weaponry to the national army.
It also urged the NATO-led forces in Afghanistan to adequately equip and finance the national security forces in the war on terror as part of efforts to stabilize Afghanistan the world from the security threats posed by terrorists. The Kabul Times


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