CM tasks NCDMA to transfer and distribute govt. aid to suffering Uruzgan people

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KABUL: The Council of Ministers with President Hamid Karzai on the chair held meeting in Presidential Palace yesterday. In the meeting according to BNA, the Ministers Council praised the interior ministry for adequate security arrangements for the burial ceremony of late vice president Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim and holding praying functions attended by cabinet members, government departments, Kabul Municipality and security personnel across the country. The Council of Ministers in the meeting had tasked the interior minister and first deputy of defense ministry to send helicopters for the rescue of 150 families who have been surrounded by rain water in Dehzak village of Dehrawad district, Uruzgan province. Interior minister has said that the interior ministry has already sent four helicopters to the area. Furthermore, the Council of Ministers assigned the National Counter Disaster Management Authority (NCDMA) to deal with Natural Disasters and provide humanitarian assistance to the harmed families in its earliest. Later the minister for education and head of commission for holding Nawroz festival of 1393 briefed the council of ministes about the cultural programs, security, health and protocol and exhibitions which was praised by the participants of the meeting. The Ministers’ Council in the meeting tasked the commission of holding Nawroz festival and the ministry of foreign affairs to take adequate measures for receiving and welcoming foreign guests. During the proceeding the calendar of 1393 mentioning 14 days as public holidays, 21 days as international days, 19 days as national and historic days, and 10 days as religious days was presented by the Minister for Work, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled to the council of ministers that was endorsed and the ministry has been authorized to finalize the calendar for year 1393.
The Kabul Times


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