Government ministries, administrations should submit historic documents to national archive

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KABUL: Head of national archive has asked government ministries and administrations to submit their historic documents to national archive.
Head of national archive Masouma Nazari told BNA, “A number of government ministries and administrations have the country’s historic documents belonging to more than forty years ago and period of King Amanullah Khan, adding the documents might not be preserved well and according to the archive’s standards. On the other hand, the enthusiasts will not have easily access to the documents.”
Asking government ministries and all administrations, Mrs. Nazari said, “In case that the ministries have the country’s historic documents, they should submit them to national archive for preservation because the documents should be kept in a good way in the archive and easily provided to researchers, teachers and universities students and enthusiasts have access to the documents.”
Head of national archive added documents were kept in two sections of the archive, saying the first section encompassing nearly 9000 hand-written artifacts including hand-written Holy Quran, poetry books, literature, Sharia and medical books and documents belonging to periods of Sultan Hussain Bayeqra, Abdul Rahman Khan, Habibullah Khan and Amanullah Khan.
The Kabul Times


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