President Karzai’s message on 19th martyrdom anniversary of Ustad Mazari

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KABUL: Ustad Abdul Ali Mazari was a great personality, scholar and great Jihadi leader of Afghanistan. As a leader of Hizb-e-Wahdat-e-Islami or Islamic Unity Party, Shahid Mazari had played significant role in bringing unity among the people, encouraging them to Jihad and fighting against invaders rule. After the victory of Jihad and beginning civil war in Kabul and some other cities, the thought and opinion of Ustad had special weight. He had comprehensively analyzed the situation of the country in his speeches and his opinion had special place in the political culture of our country. Ustad Abdul Ali Mazari in meetings with people had always emphasized for unity and national solidarity. Late Mazari was of the view that Afghans cannot achieve nationwide peace unless we accept each other. Mazari was martyred by aliens and thus the country and his followers had been deprived of him. In his message the president also expressed sympathy with the followers and colleagues of late Mazari on the occasion of 19th anniversary of his martyrdom and invited from Almighty Allah paradise for Ustad Mazari. The Kabul Times



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