President Karzai confers state high medals to ANA

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KABUL: On the basis of the decision made at the session of National Security Council dated Hoot 11th of 1392, to appreciate the bravery and manliness of eight Afghan National Army (ANA) shown in repulsing of the attack of the enemies of the country in Ghazi Aabad of Kunar province and prevented from further casualties of the soldiers, Hamid Karzai President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan conferred the state high medal of “D’ Milanai Pakhater” or “ For manliness” to them. At the ceremony that was held on the same occasion in Arg on Thursday, while four star General Bismellah Mohammady, minister of national defence and four star General Shir Mohmmad Karimi Chief of Army Staff were also present, the decree of president Karzai was readout on the same occasion by general directorate of affairs administration and secretariat of the council of ministers, Dr. Sadeq Mudabber. On February 23rd of current year, the enemies of Afghanistan attacked on security posts of ANA in Ghazi Aabad district of Kunar province that as a result, 21 Afghan brave armies were martyred. At this attack of the enemy, eight soldiers of Silab army corps. resisted with high morale of patriotism before the enemies, repulsed the attack and rescued the life of other soldiers with steadfastness and bravery. Based on the same, for bravery and manliness of eight ANA who are include of non commissioner officers Nooruddin, Noor Mohammad, Mohammad Nasser, Mohammad Naim, Sardar, Safar Mohammad, Juma Khan and Abdul Bashir. The president encouraged the abovementioned soldiers for their defending from territorial integrity and further services to their homeland. The Kabul Times


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