Logar incident under probe

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We were informed with deep sorrow that coalition forces launched air strike on a post of 4th brigade of ANA in Logar at 3:30 am on March 6, resulted in martyring five ANA soldiers and injuring eight others, first-vice president, Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim said.
“We wished paradise to the martyred and patience to the remained and quick recovery to the injured in the incident”, the vice-president condoled.
A panel was also comprised with the following members is tasked for reviewing the incident:
1. Major General Mohammad Hashim, representative of MoD as head of the panel.
2. Brigadier General Saadullah, representative of NDS as member.
3. Brigadier General Mohammad Afzal, representative of attorney general as member.
4. Col. Mushk Alam, representative of MoI as member.
The panel is tasked to overall review the incident with coalition forces and report results of its work to presidential palace. MoD is tasked to pave ways for taking the panel to the area. The Kabul Times


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