$24m requires for absorption of 80,000 failed students, MoHE

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KABUL: A new draft announced by Ministry of Higher Education for absorption of 80,000 failed students at private higher education institutions and night government faculties.
In the second session held with participation of head of judicial and cultural commission for Lower House Heela Ershad, a number of officials for government and private universities, foreign donors and media journalists, Minister of Higher Education Professor Dr. Obaidullah Obaid briefed on the new draft of the ministry and said, “254, 000 students will participate in entry tests this year, adding 60% of the students are boys, while 40% others are girls, showing remarkable increase both in gender and percentage.”
The minister said all the students hoped to have access to higher education.
Related to increase of students’ absorption to higher education institutions, Minister Higher Education said, “Absorption capacity of students was 40,000 last year, while capacity for absorption of students was increased this year by 50% comparing to last year by setting up 100 new faculties and 300 departments.” In the session, Dr. Obaidullah Obaid said besides such increase, 30,000 students would be absorbed by MoE in semi higher education institutions, while 34,000 students absorbed with some discount and free of charge at private higher education institutions. The Kabul Times


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