Hundreds domestic, foreign insurgents attended in Ghazi Aabad incident, spokesmen

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KABUL: The spokesmen of the ministries of national defence and internal affairs in a briefing held yesterday in connection with the incident of Ghazi Aabad of Kunar province that 21 soldiers are martyred in it said that the security institutions would not remain calm in responding of this act.
BNA reports.
In this briefing, the spokesmen of ministry of national defence Gen. Zahir Azimi said that as a result of four hours war fought between the personnel of national army and hundreds domestic and foreign terrorists that was begun on Sunday 3 O’clock pm in post of Ghazi Aabad of Kunar provinces, 21 soldiers are martyred, three other injured and five other are missing so far.
He added that during this terrorist attack, several enemies that are include of foreign terrorists are arrested by national army.
This indicates that bravery shown by national army for safeguarding national chastity and national worthies and sacrificed their sweet lives for the cause of their country. Likewise, spokesmen of ministry of interior, Seddiq Seddiqi in connection with the gossips that as if the foreign hands are involved in the rows of security forces, he refuted such gossips and added in any military point and in any security post, the opponent personnel didn’t penetrated and such psychological wars and propagations as if our security forces have no capability to defend from people and country is oppression to our security institutions. Similarly, during this briefing, they criticized the assertions of incharges of Kunar province in connection with the incident of Ghazi Aabad.
The Kabul Times


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