President Karzai meets tribal elders, religious ulema

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KABUL: A number of parliamentarians, members of high peace council and nearly 180 tribal elders, influential figures and religious ulema from different provinces of the country in a meeting with President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai stressed on shrinking the number of presidential candidates.
In the meeting held yesterday at presidential palace, Hazrat Ahmad Amin Jan Mujadidi and secretary of Wolisi Jirga Eng. Sayed Ikram briefed President Hamid Karzai related to a gathering held in Kabul on presidential candidates.
The participants in the meeting said they were making efforts towards upcoming elections guaranteeing the people’s prosperity and unity, saying the work would be possible only at a time when the presidential candidates resign in favor of each other.
Praising the elders’ steps and views related to shrinking the number of the candidates, President Karzai said, “It’s the desire of all that the elections are held well and thoroughly and Afghan people reach to a result.”
I respect the efforts you are making in order that the elections are held in a good way and national unity atmosphere and am with you as an individual for this huge wish of Afghan people, president Karzai added.
The Kabul Times


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