MoU signed between Afghanistan, China

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KABUL: Afghanistan government and People Republic of China have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) here in Kabul.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Zarar Ahmad Usmani met yesterday with his Chinese counterpart visiting officially Kabul and appeared in a joined news conference held in Kabul.
Before starting the conference, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Reshad Ahmad signed a MoU on technical agricultural cooperation with Chinese ambassador to Kabul. Later on, Minister of Foreign Affairs Zarar Ahmad Usmani briefed journalists related to the meeting and said they discussed on key issues including extension of bilateral cooperation between the two countries.
He said they discussed key issues as BSA between Afghanistan and USA, transition of security responsibilities, peace process, holding the fourth Istanbul foreign ministerial summit process in China and overseeing and implementation of cooperation agreements between the two countries.
Usmani considered China as one of the good contributors in the past years, saying Afghanistan wished China to continue its cooperation with Afghanistan particularly in training sector of Afghan security forces beyond 2014.
In return, the Chinese foreign minister while praising Afghanistan for its developments and progresses said as China was respecting the people of Afghanistan, it would continue its commitments and cooperation with Afghanistan.
The Chinese foreign minister considered the security of Afghanistan as security in the region, saying they wanted a stable Afghanistan and stressed on unity of Afghanistan’s tribes for succeeding against war and bringing peace in the country. China is supporting peace process in Afghanistan, he said. Replying a question asked related to BSA between Afghanistan and USA, the Chinese foreign minister said, “We are respecting Afghan people’s decisions and China is ready to cooperate related to equipment and training of ANSF if asked by Afghanistan government.”
The Kabul Times


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