Ghazni the cultural capital of Islamic civilization

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The 2013 festival is expected to be organized in few days with the participation of hundres of foreign and domestic invitees in Ghazni city.
At present Ghazni is passing its last glorious days as the capital of Islamic civilization.
But from 2000 to 2013, this ancient city has experienced many changes and its historical glorious prides are due to former residence and present burial place of poets, sofis, cultural great dignitaries and proud Afghan Kings. Ghazni is a city in modern world and without any sign of growth and economic development and all local achievements, for construction of an expensive capital and in lock of least particularity of Islamic architecture for holding of 2013 festival and creation of ceremonial entrances in few parts of the city.
At the same time local officials in Ghazni province saying that necessary preparations have been undertaken for holding of this festival and a lot of guests from across Afghanistan and representatives of foreign countries specially the Islamic countries are expected to take part in these ceremonies.
In a telephone conversation with The Kabul Times correspondent, the provincial governor of Ghazni Musa Khan Akbarazadah said, several committees have been established from for holding of main 2013 festival of Ghazni and representatives all provinces have also been invited to this festival.
Akbarzadah adds, Preparations are underway and over six thousands invitees are expected to take part in the festival. On April 13.2013 in the ceremony of inaujration of Ghazni as the cultural capital of Islamic civilization, a number of culture ministers of Islamic countries and some local government authorities had attended and these authorities have been invited to attend the final festival and most of them will be attended.
Although the president and his vice presidents didn’t attend the introduction ceremony but I hope they will attend the final festival, he concluded.
While Ghazni contains large number of historical monuments and ancient civilization but calling it as the capital of Islamic civilization has helped that these monuments which were in risk, be saved from annihilation.
A special forces of one thousand ANP have been established to provide security for the concluding festival of Ghazni.
Karima Malikzada


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