14 Iranian prisoners returned to Iran

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KABUL: Afghanistan officials say 14 Iranian prisoners imprisoned in Afghanistan have been handed over to Iranian side based on bilateral agreement signed related to exchanging of prisoners between the two countries. A government official affirmed that based on decision of a commission in which representatives of relevant organs had membership, the prisoners have been submitted to Iranian embassy to Kabul.
Submission of the Iranian prisoners to Iranian embassy to Kabul has been taken place based on an agreement recently signed between presidents of Afghanistan and Iran. Based on the agreement, the prisoners whose imprisonment period is between 5-12 years can spend the rest of their imprisonment period in their home countries in case that the prisoner’s agrees. A member of the commission formed by Afghanistan government for releasing such prisoners has affirmed that 14 Iranian prisoners imprisoned in Afghanistan prisons have been submitted to the Iranian embassy to Kabul, adding work on identifying other Iranian prisoners was under way according to the agreement. Releasing of the Iranian prisoners was taken place at a time when no Afghan prisoners from 300 prisoners including 200 women prisoners imprisoned in Iran have been submitted to Afghan side. It is determined that the Afghan commission has been tasked to pave ways for transition of 200 Afghan female prisoners to the country. Nevertheless, a spokesman for Ministry of Foreign Affairs has affirmed that Iranian ambassador to Kabul in a meeting with Afghanistan president asked for submission of 28 Iranian prisoners to Iran, saying only 14 of the prisoners have met the requirement for submission to the Iranian side. The spokesman has also said a two-member panel of the ministry has left for Iran to pave ways for submission of 300 Afghan prisoners to the country. Afghan officials didn’t say how many Afghans imprisoned in Iranian prisons, but it was said nearly 3000 Afghans were imprisoned in Iran. The Kabul Times


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