CM approves regulation for specifying recording of artists’ creativity

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KABUL: President Hamid Karzai chaired the plenary meeting of Council of Ministers at the presidential palace yesterday.
President Karzai informed the CM participants on the result of his recent visit to Ankara for attending the 8th tri-partite summit of leaders of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey, adding that during the summit the leaders of the three countries emphasized on cooperation for creation of sound security atmosphere for holding of presidential and provincial councils’ elections and taking of bold practical steps towards supporting the peace process and reconciliation in Afghanistan. President Karzai thanked Turkey for hosting of the 8th tri-partite summit of the leaders of three countries and added that Afghanistan is committed towards continuation of tri-partite summit and the future president of Afghanistan will follow up this process. The Council of Ministers confirmed and supported the visit of President Karzai and the accompanying delegation to Turkey.
The CM assigned the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to sum up the projects that the ambassador of Sri Lanka in his working meetings has committed in economic, social and military spheres and present it to the presidential palace. The minister of women affairs presented a report on her participation at the conference under the theme of (Art of better living and development) which was held at one of the Indian villages and added that so far, this foundation’s branch has been established in 152 countries and this foundation is interested that via signing of an agreement open its branch in Afghanistan and attract 20 medical students at its traditional medical university that was confirmed by the CM accordingly.
Meanwhile as per a proposal of the defense ministry, in order to celebrate the Nawruz Festival of 1393, the CM assigned the ministry of public works to immediately start concrete laying of the fifth ramp of the International Airport by using of its capacities and procure its materials from a single source and that the ministry of defense will transfer the needed resources for this activity to the public works ministry. As per the agenda, minister of justice presented the revised and amended draft of the law on trips and stay of foreign nationals to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as per the decision of the meeting dated 18/8/1392 of the CM. The CM assigned the justice and foreign ministries to once again review the law as per views and proposals of the meeting and presented its revised copy to the coming CM meeting. The CM also assigned the justice ministry to prepare the law on ensuring security and payment of salary to the members of the cabinet after a period of their work and the army generals of the national army who are retired and present it to the coming meeting of CM. The minister of justice also presented the draft law on rights and privileges of Marshal to the meeting which was confirmed by the CM meeting and the justice ministry and national security advisor was assigned to rectify the draft and present to the coming meeting of the CM. Minister of information and culture presented the draft regulation for specifying the rights for recording of the creativity of artists in accordance with the provision of phrase 1 and 2 of article 41 of the law on support of authors’ rights, artists and researchers. The Kabul Times


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