Khalili meets Nuristan elders

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KABUL: Some elders and influential of Nuristan in their meeting with Mohammad Karim Khalili second vice-president shared their environmental problems including the problem in distribution of 3,000 tons of wheat allocated for the Nuristan deserving people while a senator of the province was also present. The elders emphasizing on their demands, asked for assessment of the report of the assigned delegation with the respect to investigation about the embezzlement of allocated wheat for the people of the province. Khalili welcomed the elders and expressed pleasure for meeting them and assured them of government’s attention in addressing their problems adding that the government has keen attention towards the backward Nuristan province. Regarding the proposal of the elders for further assessment of the issue pertaining to the loss of 3,000 wheat, Khalili noted that he will not permit any one to usurp the rights of the people of Nuristan and assured them the government as a result of its assessment of this issue has already taken its decision and will not permit that rights of the people are overlooked or the innocent is accused. The Kabul Times


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