President Karzai’s remarks with respect to freeing of Bagram inmates

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ANKARA: President Hamid Karzai in a joint press conference with Turkish President and Pakistani Prime Minister in Ankara about freeing of the inmates from the Bagram prison said:
Afghanistan is an independent country having its sovereignty and if a judicial organ decides on freedom of an inmate, this does not relate to the US and it should not have as well.
Answering a question in this respect he added that from the beginning the Bagram prison was against the laws and sovereignty of Afghanistan and this was one of the issues that raised tension in ties between the two nations. This issue was taken up in 2005 and 2006 and in 2007 caused tension between the two countries.
He stressed that the government of Afghanistan after that strived to take out the Bagram prison from the US control and bring it under its own administration in accordance with the sovereignty and law of Afghanistan.
He noted that the US insisted that this should take as per the laws of Afghanistan and we had considerable meetings with our security, judicial and national security organs and we had assessed the files of the inmates separately. We referred the files to the judicial organs of the country and those organs issued order for freedom of the inmates.
He emphasized that Afghanistan is a sovereign country if the judicial organs of the country decides on freeing of an inmate, this issue does not relate to the US and should not have as well. He added that I wish the US stop criticizing Afghanistan’s judicial organs and hereafter should respect national sovereignty of Afghanistan.
The Kabul Times


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